The Movie Search: Digging Deep, Amazon Streaming

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Big Dig

Amazon Instant Videos: Prime Eligible

Now, let’s see what Amazon Instant Video offers. They give a 30-day trial and Netflix only offers two weeks. After five days into the trial, how to navigate has become clearer, however, Amazon is not as flexible as Netflix and does not provide as much ease to dig deep.

First, you’ll need to continually click the box to the left that says Prime Eligible Eligible. If you don’t, you’ll view selections that will cost money. This is annoying. Also, while in the big, wide world of Amazon, they’re hoping you’ll purchase other goods. This can be confusing and creates clutter when you just want to see Prime EligibleEligible movie and TV lists. If you’ve bought anything through Amazon, they store your history.  It may help some to delete it.

They do have selections not available on Netflix, such as in the British area arena. For instance:

,Product Details

During the process of signing up for the trial, Amazon prompts you to select another Prime offer. You may inadvertently do this and that will add to your confusion. By doing so, Amazon manipulates you into another trial having to do with Prime shipping. This step muddies the waters because this Prime trial will also show up in your dashboard area. The videos, however, will not all be free instant watch, but will be movies/TV items for sale. Too much mixing of product.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon wants to cast a wider net that goes beyond the sale of movie and TV show streaming, whereas, Netflix only focuses on movies/TV. They’ve worked hard to refine ways for you to discover your favorite kinds of movies and they do a much better job than Amazon.

You, ultimately, will be the judge. At least, sign up for the trial and see what you can dig up.



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